Our Mission

SlashRoots is a social impact organization that uses the principles and practices of the digital age to create a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable Caribbean society.

How we started

SlashRoots began as a community of developers, designers and entrepreneurs from across the region, sharing knowledge through an online mailing list and exploring how technology could positively affect the Caribbean. As our membership grew, our vision became more focused: we want to work with Caribbean's leading institutions and the communities they serve to apply practices that were driving innovation on the Internet to the challenges that have historically plagued the region.

We believe that digital technologies create new opportunities to address social ills. But taking advantages of these new tools required different skills and problem-solving approaches than are traditionally used in government and social services.

Through SlashRoots we aim to help organizations incorporate these values into their work to create new institutions, better services, and shape a Caribbean society that works for all its people.

Our Approach

Our approach focuses on understanding context first, then providing tools to incorporate this knowledge into the iterative and participatory design of innovative and realistic solutions.

Our work as a whole reflects a set of underlying principles that cut across each engagement. Primarily focusing on the concept that effective services and programmes demand context-driven planning and implementation.

As such we are deeply committed to understanding institutional processes, community dynamics, and citizen experiences related to a problem. As well as the capabilities and motivations that programmes are expected to operate in and serve.

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Our Team

We’re a dedicated and talented team of professionals, passionate about driving social change and empowering communities through the use of technology, data, and human ingenuity.

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