Our Work

Since 2011 SlashRoots has partnered with a variety of  government agencies, development organisations, academic institutions and private sector organizations to better use technology, user-centred design and data to improve public services and create innovative solutions to complex problems.

Service Design

Technology that supports transformative public services. We apply user-centered design and modern software practices to iteratively develop elegant solutions that have big impact.

Product Development

Services built around the people that use them. We focus on user needs, capacities and context, to help our partners solve complex challenges and create public services that are simple, clear and easy to use.

Policy Design

Policy and implementation must work together. We help our partners replace traditionally linear processes with iterative cycles where policy and implementation inform one another and are centred around citizen needs.

Our Conference

Annually, the SlashRoots Foundation organizes the Developing the Caribbean Conference & Code Sprint, one of the region’s marquee platforms for exploring the intersection of digital technologies, open data, and social innovation.

A roll-up-your-sleeves solutions focused event, DevCa brings together innovators from the public sector, civil society and development organisations with civic-minded technologists, researchers, and entrepreneurs to share experiences, research and best practices. With hundreds of participants in events across the region each year, DevCa has grown to become one of the Caribbean’s most significant technology events.

Our Partners

We work with and are supported by innovative organisations who care about positively impacting lives in the Caribbean. Our partners include international organisations, governments, foundations, corporations, and nonprofits.

Does your organisation share our passion and vision for a more empowered and equitable society?