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Doyle is SlashRoots’ Operations Manager. His paramount purpose is to ensure all the moving parts of the organization are working in tandem with synergistic harmony. He joined the team in 2018 and brings with him fifteen years of professional experience working in a myriad of industries; most of his time was spent at the management level in the Financial Services sector.

Hyper-focused, and a stickler for details, Doyle’s expertise lies in customer-centric operations management, agile financial reporting, strategic planning and budgeting, as well as cost accounting and assessments. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree with Honours at the University of the West Indies, majoring in Management Studies and Accounting, and  went on to acquire his ACCA designation shortly after.

He relishes the opportunity to share his business acumen in areas of need and as such has served on various committees in a voluntary capacity. Contributing to positive change in the wider society through effective business management principles is a personal mission for Doyle, whether directly or indirectly. He promotes novel and unconventional approaches to problem-solving and so participates in the societal transformation initiatives through the SlashRoots Foundation.

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