About Denique

Denique is SlashRoots’ chief prober. She helps the team define and explore problem spaces, planning and managing the research, communication and prototyping activities that turn who’s, what’s, how’s and why’s into how-we-might’s. She especially enjoys those moments in the process when the team’s understanding of a problem shifts and insights are most likely to emerge.

After studying Electronics and Social Marketing at the University of the West Indies, her experiences working as a Business Analyst spurred her to pursue an MSc. in Human-Computer Interaction Design at Indiana University Bloomington. Working at SlashRoots appealed to the Fulbright alumna’s desire to use human-centred design to address civic and social problems, such as how to improve inner city communities’ abilities to access and pay for electricity in Jamaica.

Like many of us, she was probably an insufferable know-it-all by the age of 10, but she was so busy devouring books her friends and family were largely spared. They are not so fortunate these days…just kidding. She’s a lot more sufferable now—there’s nothing like design and research to teach you that you don’t know what you don’t know.

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